How to help Minden Ontario

Photos from the Minden Times Facebook page

Minden is one of several communities that have experienced flooding this spring. If you follow my blog, you’ve probably noticed I blog a lot about Minden, Ontario. I grew up there, and return several times a year to see family and friends. It still feels like home, and it is upsetting to be so far away from it right now. A State of Emergency was declared on April 20th, not a lot has changed since then. A lot of the town is still under water and officials from Parks Canada suggest that it will take at least a week before the water recedes.

Minden hasn’t got as much press as bigger towns experiencing flooding, but people are definitely hurting. People are angry, too. The local MP, Barry Devolin, took a week to come by to survey the damage and Parks Canada is currently on the defensive about the extent of their responsibility (i.e., they’re claiming no responsibility). Not that I’m saying Parks Canada is responsible, but I’ve never seen flooding like this in my lifetime, and this is the first spring thaw since the cuts to Parks Canada went through. Parks Canada oversees the Trent-Severn Waterway (TSW), of which the flooded Gull River is a part. Some people have suggested that the TSW is experiencing more flooding than area waterways that are not part of the TSW. I can’t say for myself, as I haven’t had the opportunity to visit Minden since the flooding started, but I can see why people are suspicious.

Regardless of whether blame can be assigned, lots of insurance policies will NOT be covering this type of flooding. Overland flooding is not often part of home insurance policies. People are finding this out the hard way and they will need help. Please consider helping. Since lots of scams pop up in the wake of disasters such as this, donations are encouraged to be made directly to the township:

Township of Minden Hills

7 Milne St.

P.O. Box 359

Minden, ON

K0M 2K0


Or donations can be made online with debit, credit cards, or PayPal HERE.

Please donate soon, as each dollar raised by the township will be matched by the Ontario government!

Dishie cloths

I’ve had “make new dish cloths” on my to-do list for a while now. I caved and bought some Knitpicks Dishie Multi yarn a few weeks ago.

I’ve got a couple clothes done already, but I’ll post those a bit later on. So far, Dishie seems to be a nice dishcloth yarn. Much softer & prettier than the usual Sugar & Cream department store stuff. I don’t know how it will stand up to dish-washing, but we’ll see.

Take animal abuse seriously

I made the mistake of watching the Magnotta video. Police hadn’t confirmed that the video was real at that point. They had just released the suspect’s name, the video was a rumor, and I was curious, so I googled it. I found it right away on Wednesday afternoon. It’s awful stuff. I felt shitty after watching it, to say the least. It also made me mad.

And then all this other stuff came out about Magnotta. Most disturbingly, that he was the (alleged) asshole who was torturing and killing kittens a few years ago and posting the videos online. That made me very mad. I’ve blogged in the past about how much animal abuse infuriates me, especially this online bragging bullshit. I had written about the Kenny Glenn case, and it was fairly similar. Well, up until about 2 weeks ago it was similar, anyhow. With Magnotta, the online campaign to identify and locate him was pretty impressive, but clearly it wasn’t taken seriously enough by authorities. And we now know what that can (allegedly) lead to.

The thing is, it’s not like we didn’t know that it can lead to murder. This isn’t a surprise.

For many individuals, animal abuse escalates unless something or someone intervenes. It’s been documented in research and is apparent in many legal cases. Just this year, it was revealed that Tori Stafford’s killer (McClintic) had microwaved a puppy when she was a child. It starts there. And the internet is making it easier for these fucked up individuals to share, to inspire, to brag, and encourage others.

But it’s also making it easier to find them. And people are willing to volunteer their time to do so, as Magnotta’s abuse videos demonstrated.

This asshole killed a bunch of kittens – and judging by a bunch of photos of Magnotta with terrified-looking dogs – he probably killed a bunch of dogs too. And who knows what or who else he’s harmed. It’s time to take it seriously.

Law enforcement, policy analysts, teachers, parents, social workers, peers, random people watching videos on the internet – everyone needs to take animal abuse seriously.

They’re not “just animals”. This abusive behaviour is a serious red flag. Quit fucking around and use it as such.

Gemini update

I’ve been moving along with Gemini.

I got about 3 rounds in and realized I had messed up the lace section. I’m not sure what I thought I was doing, but it was a mess. I guess that’s what happens when you start a pattern while watching tv. It’s not difficult if you actually, you know, follow the pattern.


I’ve decided to stop at two repeats of the lace pattern. I’d like to wear the top to work and it was starting to get a bit too low in the front. I continued with the row increases that would have been in the lace pattern repeat, but just knit it solid. I tried it on tonight, and I’ve got a ways to go before I can divide for the arms & body.

Here’s a close-up of the lace…

And that’s all for now!


Lacy Batkus & Gemini

Here’s some more of the Lacy Batkus using Noro Sekku. The decreases are pretty easy and it’s moving quicker now that the rows are getting shorter again.

And my attempt at mirroring the colourway stripes seems to be working so far! I’m liking it. The second ball of Sekku is kind of annoying. It gets so thin in places that it feels like it break while I’m working with it. Then it gets slubby, thick, and very loosely spun. The first ball of Sekku was inconsistent too, but not as bad. Oh well. Making do with it.

Aannnd – I’m going to start Knitty’s Gemini (by Jane Richmond) tonight! I’ve dug out my Elann Sonata Soft.