Our little boy is growing up!

Today was an exciting day. Bo got neutered!

We’ve been counting down the days. It might’ve just been my imagination, but about a week ago he seemed to turn into a teenager. His humping went into overdrive. He started peeing to mark his territory, and even started lifting his leg to pee. His face got a bit more angular. He just seems less puppyish now.

But that’s cool, the puppy phase is highly overrated. I appreciate my sleepy old Pups (in Minden) even more now.

Bo’s puppy teeth are all gone now too. He had the last two removed today while he was knocked out for the neutering. His top two canine teeth (fangs) were “double” because the puppy teeth hadn’t come out before his adult teeth came in. And it wasn’t looking like they were going to come out either, and we didn’t want that to screw up his permanent teeth. They gave them back to us tonight, in a little pill bottle, and they have huge roots. Very cool and gross.

He’s also been microchipped.


If you’re tallying up the bill in your head, yeah… that’s pretty much our Christmas present to ourselves.

(Bo’s little peanuts, for the record)

Rest in Peace, little Scarlet

After so many nice dog posts, it deeply saddens me to have to make this post.

Scarlet, our sweet little Jack Russell Terrier, had to be put to sleep on Friday morning. She was a few months shy of her 15th birthday.

She’s been featured on this blog numerous times, along with her son Pups. She’s been my little buddy for literally half my life. We knew her time was coming, but it still hurts so much to know she’s not with us anymore. I was hoping she’d make it til Christmas, so I could see her again, but that wasn’t meant to be.

I’m so grateful for the time we had together.

Film Friday – Dogs

While we’re on the topic of dogs, here’s a less vintage pic. I think this was taken in the late 90′s. Still definitely on film. I’ve got a copy of this picture up on my office wall.

It’s my Dad and Pups. Pups isn’t afraid of cameras here and that didn’t last too long, so it must be the late 90s.

Dad and Pups are still best buds. Little Pups is 13 now, it’s hard to believe.

Special Announcement!

We have added a new member to our family!

His name is Bo!

He’s almost 5 months old.

We adopted him on the 22nd of October, which explains my blogging-absence.

He’s a cross between a Dachshund and (we think) a Jack Russell terrier. He looks a lot like a long, weenie-like Jack Russell. And pictures of Jackhunds look bang-on.

We adopted him from a family who could no longer care for him because they had a new baby. We’ve been thinking of getting a dog for a while now, and always hesitating because we didn’t want to pay a ridiculous amount from a breeder. Also, we definitely didn’t want to get one from a pet store. Ideally, I’ve always wanted to adopt a dog from the Humane Society, but this was the next best thing. His owner was a friend of a friend, and we were helping them out and getting a pretty cool dog in the process. Win-win.

He’s a crazy little puppy guy right now. He chews on everything, and that’s been difficult to get used to. He has sharp little puppy teeth and he’s teething now. I can’t wait for that to end. He came house-trained, so that’s half the battle. He’s good at sleeping in his crate at night. He can sit, stay, come, and lie down on command, when he’s got the right motivation (i.e. treats). He’s not fixed yet, but that’s coming at the end of the month. He’s getting used to us, and we’re getting used to him. It’s pretty cool.

Kiki is getting used to him too, but that’s another blog post altogether.


my back…

I missed Film Friday yesterday, but here’s something to make up for it…

Dear A made this graphic of Pups, from the photo we took last weekend. I thought it’s pretty badass.

It became apparent last week that I screwed up my back while in Minden. I’m fairly certain that it’s just muscles, but it hurts. Left shoulder and upper back. It’s messing with my sleeping, since it hurts to lie on my side and that’s my usual sleeping position. It hurts to turn to the left. It hurts when I’m cold.

I think it was largely due to sleeping on a crappy old mattress while in Minden, and also from walking dear little Pups, who spent most of our walks shaking and jerking the leash around. He thinks it’s hilarious and a wicked good time and barks and growls and jumps around and clearly didn’t consider that I’m getting old and lame…

Anyhow, that’s how it is. I’m Queen of the Heating Pad.


Thanksgiving in Minden

We went back to Minden to see my parents for this year’s Thanksgiving. It was pretty much a perfect Fall weekend.

Here’s a picture of the beautiful Gull River, just down the road from our house.

So many things to be grateful for this year…

For health, physical & mental health, or whatever we can get. It’s been a rough year for health of all kinds, for several of us.

For friends and family, since I never seem to spend enough time with my parents, or my brother. My brother is still in BC, but at least we spoke with him on Skype.

For our little friends, specifically my aging doggies that live with my parents, Pups and Scarlet.

For this unbelievably gorgeous weather we had this weekend. How lucky are we, really?

These are some flowers in my mom’s garden. Even with a couple frosts, they’ve kept on going. Tons of buds still coming. It’s kind of amazing.

Our weekend was spent outside having bonfires, walking the dogs, soaking up the sun, and doing a few outdoor chores. We also spent some time inside, watching films, cooking, eating, chatting, and otherwise relaxing. It was pretty great.  I even taught my mom how to use her new e-reader!

The leaves in Minden were almost “done” – that is, the reds and oranges were pretty much down, but the browns and yellows were still kicking. I think they would have been better last weekend. Oh well. There seemed to be more colour on the drive between Ottawa and Minden. The picture above was taken from the car window, probably getting close to Renfrew. I guess Minden has a shorter season than Ottawa.

Anyhow,  I’m very thankful for weekends like this past one. I hope yours was good too.

Crazy Pups says hello…

Friday Cat Bloggin’ – Cats don’t like explosions

Kiki’s doing well.

She had a rough night on Wednesday. We had that big thunder storm here, at least in the East end of Ottawa. It was pretty intense for a little while. We had a really close lightning strike, about 200 ft away from our building. It hit a hydro pole, and the power flashed off for a few seconds before coming back on. Firetrucks showed up shortly after, but didn’t stay very long. I guess it looked OK.

Then, about 20 minutes later (after everyone had left, of course) there was a loud BZZZZZZUT noise, and we saw a plume of smoke come up from the pole. The sound it made was so cartoonish and bizarre*. And LOUD. Never heard anything like it before. The power went out, and stayed out, until about 4:30 AM. The only reason I noticed when it came on was because the hydro guys fixing it were shouting at each other from the bucket trucks, and it woke me up. I never really got back to sleep. Thursday was rough.

ANYhow – I wanted to tell you about Kiki. She has always been pretty cool with storms. I guess this one was too close for comfort. After that huge lightning strike, she ran under the bed and wouldn’t come out. Then, when the transformer blew up, she tore out from under the bed, hammered into A in the hallway, and hid under the kitchen table. I didn’t know she could move that fast. Poor baby. I hope this experience hasn’t been too traumatic. She seems fine now, but who knows how she’ll be in the next storm. Kiki doesn’t need to be any more neurotic.


This is a great example of the sound of a transformer blowing up. I didn’t take this video. Explosion at 1:15ish in the video.