Kinmount Shoe Tree saga continues…

The outcry over the Kinmount Shoe Tree removal has apparently made a few folks at the Kinmount Committee for Planning and Economic Development nervous. Or something. They recently asked the author of the website I had linked previously to remove her Shoe Tree info page on Pretty lame!

You can read about it in her new blog at

And if you’d like to share your opinion of the shoe tree removal with the man who decided to do it, by all means, fire an email in Ward 3 Councillor Dave Hodgson’s direction:

or Ric McGee, the mayor:

I’m a nominee!

2010 Canadian Weblog Awards Nominee

2010 Canadian Weblog Awards Nominee

Very exciting news this evening – I’ve been nominated for two 2010 Canadian Weblog Awards! In the Crafting and Health & Wellness categories!

What’s even more exciting – I didn’t nominate myself, and I have no idea who did!

This blog has never been nominated for anything before. As cliche as it sounds, it IS an honour just to be nominated, so thank you, whoever did this. I’ve seen many of my peers get these nominations, but I never thought my blog was up there with them.

Take a look at all the other nominees here at their website – The 2010 Canadian Weblog Awards.


I tried to upgrade to WordPress 2.8.5 this afternoon, and had a massive crash. It completely wiped out the blog. Luckily, my host always makes backups, and I had A here to restore things. He got it going after a bit of fiddling. I knew I had it backed up, but I was still pretty ticked off about it all. So if you tried to visit between noon and 4 ish, and got a weird empty default page, that’s what was going on.

So yeah… moral?  Maybe watch out for that one if you’re using WP. Always make back ups of the database before upgrading anything. It might just have been a weird thing with Dreamhost (my otherwise awesome host), but who knows. Having an awesome guy like A around to fix your screw-ups helps too.

relatively painless this time

SO – I updated to a newer version of WordPress last night. It worked!

Rather than expecting things to work on this blog, I’m now expecting disaster every time I upgrade WordPress versions. That’s ok. If it fucks things up, I’m more prepared. If it doesn’t fuck things up, I’m thrilled.

So colour me thrilled.

I also installed a plug-in called IntenseDebate. It’s supposed to make commenting on the blog easier, prettier, and more orgasmic than it is by default. Maybe it does, maybe it does not. You’ll have to try and tell me. I like the feature that allows you to subscribe to a particular comment, so if someone replies to it, you actually get that reply sent to you. I wish all blogs had this option. I hate going back to past entries to check for replies.

ANYHOW – please try out the comment thing and let me know what you think!

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