On the move

I’m back, sort of.

I am now more or less moved into my new apartment in the East End. Cable and Internet are not hooked up yet, but that should be happening in a few days. I’ve got the iPhone, so I’m at least partially connected.

I’ve got all of the big and important things moved into the new place. I think I’ve got maybe half a car-load of junk left in the old apartment. I still need to clean it and get it ready for the out-going inspection by the end of the month, but that’s definitely do-able.

There were no major casualties of the move, largely due to the skillful performance of A, and his friends Mark and J.P. Many thanks to them. We rented a massive 24′ U-Haul. It was overkill, but worked all the same. I had a fairly significant allergy attack while we were loading stuff from my apartment. I think it was the pet dander whipped up from moving stuff around. I probably sneezed about thousand times, and my nose is all chapped and gross now from blowing it so much. Other than that, I’m cool. Kiki is cool. My stuff is cool. We all surivived the move.

I am now a resident of Gloucester, rather than Nepean. I am now about a 10 minute bus ride from my job, rather than an hour and a half commute. I am now living in a 2 bedroom with ample storage, rather than a 1 bedroom with zero storage. I am now living with Kiki and A, rather than just with Kiki. So far, these are all good things.  I’m still kinda reeling from it all. Internet should be hooked up by Friday, so expect a more substantial update then!

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