Trip to Minden

Earlier in the week, on Wednesday night to be exact, we headed up to Minden for the long weekend. An extra long long weekend. We left after work and made it up there around 10. Not bad, since it took us about an hour to get across town with the bullshit traffic on the westbound 417. I was pretty excited. I hadn’t been home since Easter weekend.

We had a good visit with my parents and the doggies. (Scarlet, above, looking old!) We helped them out around the house a bit, since my mom’s been laid up with a herniated disc in her back for the past few weeks. She has to get surgery, which will hopefully be happening in October. Ugh. Dad’s doing OK, or at least as well as can be expected when he’s taking care of the house while he’s ill himself. We mostly chilled at home, ate good food, relaxed, etc. We had more outdoorsy stuff planned, but the weather wasn’t too agreeable. Andrzej wasn’t feeling too great for a few days either. We made it to the Kinmount Fair on Friday and went on a few other little trips around Minden, some of which I’ll post about this week. It was a nice trip, and I wish we could do it more often. I miss my parents so much here in Ottawa. It sucks that I only get to see them every few months.

I found this mushroom in the yard and had to take a picture of it. It was bright yellow and only about 3″ tall. So cute.

That’s the house in Minden. My parents might be selling it in the near future, so if anybody’s looking for a nice home in cottage country on the Gull River, let me know.

Gina made several appearances over the weekend. She’s becoming more and more of a “house” cat. During the summer months she’s often AWOL, only coming in the house to eat every once in a while. Maybe it was the crummy weather or curiosity on her part, but she was around quite a bit. She’s a beautiful cat.

The dogs were happy to see us. As usual, they were a highlight of the trip. They’re the same goofy little dogs, but their age is becoming more and more apparent. Scarlet still likes to play fetch, but it’s just a bit slower now.

And shockingly, it seems that Pups has caught on to the iPhone camera. He’s been afraid of cameras since he was a puppy, so we were thrilled when he didn’t seem to notice that the iPhone had a camera too. This time, he seemed to figure it all out very quickly and freaked whenever I held the iPhone a certain way. Oh well. Never underestimate old Pups, I guess. I did, however, manage to take a few covert pics of the little bugger. I think I had to hide the phone behind a Kleenex box or something to get this one.

And in the time we were there, I almost knit a pair of socks. Here’s a pic I took almost half-way through the first sock. More on these later in the week. The trip came to an end yesterday. We got back to town in the afternoon, and I’ve been a bit moody ever since. I get bummed out coming back here. Still, it’s nice to see Kiki again. She was very cuddly and chatty when we got back to the apartment. She seemed to have a low-key weekend here, at least by the looks of the apartment. No kitty parties while her parents were away for the weekend.

Anyhow, I’ve got a couple more blogs planned about the trip, so stay tuned!

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