Kinmount Fair 2010

As part of our visit back home in the Haliburton Highlands, we decided to take a trip to the Kinmount Fair, in beautiful Kinmount, Ontario. For those not in the know, the Kinmount Fair is a big late-summer agricultural fair. The fair was scheduled for the whole long weekend, with some stuff starting on Thursday night, but we decided to go on Friday night, mostly because the weather forecast for the rest of the weekend was kinda shitty. Even on Friday, clouds were still pretty ominous.

My family has been going to the Kinmount Fair for the past 30 years or so. Each year we seem to have a different focus, but we generally go for the shows, the animals, and the food. There’s often some surprises here and there. The rides have become less of a draw. We took a stroll through the midway part, but didn’t spend much time there. We’re all old coots now.

Anyhow, we were surprisingly entertained by the truck pull this year. I usually don’t go for that stuff, but the noise and seemingly imminent crashes/explosions were hard to ignore. I’d start getting bored of it all, and then one truck would spew exhaust or go a bit off the track, and I’d get drawn back in.  Take a look at these two videos and maybe you’ll see what I mean. You can hear our slightly confused dialogue occasionally too.

And the animals – my favourite, bittersweet part. Lots of chickens and horses and cows on display. The chickens (and other fowl) had already been judged. I took way too many pics of them and I don’t know why.

They had a petting zoo, with some weird animals I’d never seen before. (Cavies? What the hell? They’re cute, anyhow.) I’m always a little torn with petting zoos – I like seeing the animals, but I always feel bad for the little guys. Not that they are all mistreated, but you know. Anyhow, here’s some pics of the Cavies and other critters.

Some of the usual suspects in the petting zoo there, but there was also a baby cat…. of some type. It didn’t have a sign and we couldn’t tell what it was, since it was so little. Some kind of large wild cat. Of course, none of my pics of it turned out. It was in a playpen (see above photo) and seeing it made me feel a bit grumpy. It seemed like it should have been with its mom or something.

Another thing that made me feel a bit grumpy -

Gideons? At My Kinmount Fair? I guess pushing religion is about as cool as pushing the Canadian Forces, which also happens at fairs sometimes. These folks were giving out stuff if you talked to them, like walking sticks and crosses and the usual stuff. Their booth was in between a woman selling bulk candy and an old guy selling RV parts and accessories. Something for everyone!

Sadly, we left before the big demolition derby on Friday night. We were getting tired at that point. Also, it poured rain later that night, at least over in Minden, so it might not have been too great in Kinmount. As we were heading out, folks were unloading their demo cars. I never really heard how the derby turned out.

See those clouds? Yeah. The weekend’s weather likely put a dent in the crowd sizes, but at least we made it out this year!

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