Cat Bloggin’ Friday: Something’s Fishy

Darling Kiki is still doing well.

She’s had a pretty exciting week or so. We moved our fish tank (with Superfish in it) from a slightly wobbly bookshelf in the living room to Mr. A’s desk. We did this because I was having visions of the shelf collapsing and crashing into our new TV, as well as dumping Superfish on the floor with a few hundred books & dvds. We took everything off the shelf and reinforced it with some better screws.

Anyhow,  Kiki rarely noticed Superfish when his tank was on the bookshelf. Once in a while we’d find her looking up at it from the floor, but she never tried to jump up there to take a good look. She didn’t care. But now… you know where this is going… now that she can jump up on Mr. A’s desk and sit beside the fish tank, she’s obsessed.

It’s difficult to see, but in that last picture, about 3-4″ of Kiki is hanging over the edge of the desk. She hasn’t taken a tumble yet, but she’s come pretty close. I’m sure it will happen eventually. She gets mesmerized by Superfish.

In other news, we bought her a new collar, and it has little rubber ducks on it.

How freaking cute is that?


It should also be noted that Kiki stepped on the surge protector under my desk, right on the on/off switch, and turned off my computer right after I wrote that sentence. Thank you, WordPress backup feature. Kiki can be a real badass… sometimes.

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