A Summer Blanket

This past summer, while I was on blogging-hiatus, I made a blanket. I wanted a medium-sized throw blanket for the sofa, something for wrapping around your shoulders while you watch tv or whatever. I didn’t want anything too fancy. Just something machine washable and cuddly. During a trip to Michael’s, I was going through their yarn section and found some Lion Brand Homespun I liked. The colourway is “Painted Desert” (#407) and I think I used about 5 balls of it altogether.

So here’s what I ended up with. The colourway’s pretty good with the sofa, eh? Kiki offered to sit in, for scale. When I started knitting with the Homespun, it ended up really bulky and cuddly, which was nice. I had initially thought I’d do some kind of squares or something, but I abandoned that idea when I thought of having to sew the squares together. You see, I wasn’t in the mood for anything too ambitious. I just wanted an easy knit. This was definitely on the easy end.

You can kinda see my “pattern” here. It’s just a few rows of garter stitch, then a few rows of YOs &K2togs, and then some more rows of garter stitch. Solid garter stitch would have been too heavy. The YOs break it up a bit, without getting lost in the yarn’s colour changes. I’m happy with it. It knit up pretty quick – I think I had this done in about 2 weeks!

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