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Remember when this used to be a knitting blog? Yeah. Me too. I swear it still is a knitting blog. It’s just kind of being eclipsed by current goings-on. This is post is about knitting, so stay with me here.

I first need to tell you about The Littlest Bobo. He is doing well. Yeah, he’s accumulating some dumb nicknames, but I didn’t name him “Bo” and it’s not my fault it rhymes with a lot of stuff. As I write this, he’s passed out on the couch beside me. He had his neutering stitches out on Monday, and the vet said it healed up nicely. Bo was really good about wearing the head “cone”, and we were very cognizant of any attempts at licking/chewing of stitches, so that’s probably why. He hated that cone at first, but by the last few days he was actually helping us put it on him by pushing his head through the hole. Especially before bed – it became a bit of a ritual and he got some late-night snacks out of the deal. Luckily, he seems to respond really well to positive reinforcement. Or maybe he’s just awesome, I don’t know.

There is one thing… he can be annoying when I’m knitting. He loves to grab balls of yarn and run around like a crazy dog. It is HILARIOUS to him. I’ve packed everything away so he can’t eat any yarn or get into trouble with it, but it kind of sucks not being able to sit on the couch and just knit away. Baby steps, I guess. My parents’ dogs went through that phase (i.e. puppyhood) where they chewed everything and wanted to play with everything, but eventually they chilled out. Or at least they figured out it’s better to chew on toys & treats, and there’s no shortage of those around here. Like everything, I just need to give it time. He’s still a little dude.

In the meantime, I’ve invested in one of these GoKnit pouches by KnowKnits, a small one in Navy, and it helps a bit. Bo’s not as interested in my knitting if he can’t see a ball of yarn moving around. Also, I’m only attempting to knit when he’s really tired or acting chilled out already. There isn’t a lot of holiday knitting happening, but luckily, I think most of my gifts have already been taken care of. It’s under control… I think.

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