A dog coat for Bo

I’ve been knitting more lately! Bo’s been letting me sit on the couch and knit, a first since we adopted him. He’s definitely in that “teenage” phase, but we’re seeing a nice calm Bo emerging more and more. It’s nice.

I have started and frogged several dog coats since we got him. He’s got a unique body shape, being a dachshund & jack russell mix. He’s long like a dachshund, with a huge chest. It’s the chest that keeps tripping me up. I found a free pattern called the One-Piece Dog Sweater, and it’s somewhat solved the giant chest problem. It’s open between the front legs, so I can just avoid that whole area that never fits him in other patterns.

So here’s the finished coat. It’s double-stranded black & purple Read Heart Supersaver. Two little wooden toggle buttons hold the bottom tab on. Pardon the crap on the floor in that pic, he’s ripped up a couple toys recently.

Trying to take photos in natural light is a challenge around here with Bo. Here’s some photos from an attempt this afternoon.


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