Easter away

We went back to Minden for Easter.

It was a nice break from Ottawa and all the stupid stuff going on here. Not that I can completely escape it, but you know, getting out of the city helps to add some perspective on things.

We had a good visit with my parents in Minden, and the weather was pleasant enough. We rented a car to get up there, since ours died recently. I got to see this little guy, Pups. His age is definitely showing, but for 14, I think he’s still going fairly strong.

Isn’t he a funny little guy? I miss Pups already.

Bo had a great time running around my parents’ house and back yard. He got along with Pups much better than he did at Christmas.

I just realized now that I didn’t take a whole lot of bloggable pictures while I was home. (Oops.) I think that means it was a good visit.

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