How to help Minden Ontario

Photos from the Minden Times Facebook page

Minden is one of several communities that have experienced flooding this spring. If you follow my blog, you’ve probably noticed I blog a lot about Minden, Ontario. I grew up there, and return several times a year to see family and friends. It still feels like home, and it is upsetting to be so far away from it right now. A State of Emergency was declared on April 20th, not a lot has changed since then. A lot of the town is still under water and officials from Parks Canada suggest that it will take at least a week before the water recedes.

Minden hasn’t got as much press as bigger towns experiencing flooding, but people are definitely hurting. People are angry, too. The local MP, Barry Devolin, took a week to come by to survey the damage and Parks Canada is currently on the defensive about the extent of their responsibility (i.e., they’re claiming no responsibility). Not that I’m saying Parks Canada is responsible, but I’ve never seen flooding like this in my lifetime, and this is the first spring thaw since the cuts to Parks Canada went through. Parks Canada oversees the Trent-Severn Waterway (TSW), of which the flooded Gull River is a part. Some people have suggested that the TSW is experiencing more flooding than area waterways that are not part of the TSW. I can’t say for myself, as I haven’t had the opportunity to visit Minden since the flooding started, but I can see why people are suspicious.

Regardless of whether blame can be assigned, lots of insurance policies will NOT be covering this type of flooding. Overland flooding is not often part of home insurance policies. People are finding this out the hard way and they will need help. Please consider helping. Since lots of scams pop up in the wake of disasters such as this, donations are encouraged to be made directly to the township:

Township of Minden Hills

7 Milne St.

P.O. Box 359

Minden, ON

K0M 2K0


Or donations can be made online with debit, credit cards, or PayPal HERE.

Please donate soon, as each dollar raised by the township will be matched by the Ontario government!

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