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Hi, my name’s Em.
I’m a 30-something recovering academic. I live, love, and work in Canada’s national capital, Ottawa. I like to knit and do other crafty things. I like to read, write, and research things. I spend a lot of time with my kitty, Ms.Kiki, and a nice guy called A. In October 2011, we adopted a dachshund-jack russell mix puppy called Bo.

I love going for walks, autumn, Twin Peaks, mid-90s britpop, 70s glam rock, androgyny, funk, Gustav Klimt, collecting rocks, Nick Cave, dancing, Noro yarn, Oscar Wilde, curry, jack russell terriers, cheese, naps, Romaine Brooks, purple, vegetarian food, Glenn Gould, and that brief moment when you wake up and don’t know who/what/where you are.

My blog title – I kinda jacked the phrase from The Hidden Cameras’ song Music is my Boyfriend.  After much googling back in early 2006, when I was looking to start a knitting blog, I was surprised that no one had taken that name. I was the first – accept no imitations!


Should you need to get a hold of me for some reason, my email is em @ knittingismyboyfriend.com

(Last updated September 7, 2012.)

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