Amusing Referrals

One of the little pleasures I get out of blogging comes from looking at the “referrals” section of my hit counter. If you don’t do this, I highly suggest you do, as it will likely surprise and amuse you. I get a lot of strange referrals from search engines. I think it is largely because of my blog title, and to a much lesser extent, the content of my blog. I’ve decided to keep a running tally of the strange, funny, and sometimes baffling things that got people to my website. I will update this as need be.

  • me topless
  • my boyfriend fucked my mom
  • is my boyfriend gay
  • is my boyfriend a fag
  • Oscar Wilde boyfriend
  • peacocks knitting
  • Obama is my boyfriend
  • nick cave knitting
  • Ottawa dominatrixes or Ottawa dominatrix (I get these at least once a week)
  • my grandma’s boyfriend fucked me
  • nice sentences for my boyfriend
  • infj dating
  • have you seen my boyfriend?
  • boyfriend is shit in bed
  • how to get nice word in new year to my BF
  • im all up in your bed stealing your boyfriend
  • my mum topless
  • boyfriend fucks with vacuum
  • my thesis is shit
  • stephen fry boyfriend
  • canada women in ottawa city need black boyfriend
  • i have a bigger head than my boyfriend
  • strap on boyfriend
  • i love my boyfriend poems
  • tattoo real men unicorn
  • feminism canada man-hating
  • gross bugs
  • boyfriend is pushing religion on me
  • late night puppies
  • massage my testicles

Sorry if you didn’t find what you were looking for!

4 thoughts on “Amusing Referrals

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